Consumer Applications

  • Payment Terminal

    Payment Terminal

    Glass solutions for payment terminal

    Anti scratch

    Fingerprinting proof

    Easy to clean

    Light weight

    Easy to fall

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  • Home Automation

    Home Automation

    Glass solution for home automation

    Comparably small size

    Various cutouts

    2.5D edge

    Smooth edge inside of cutouts

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  • Home Appliance

    Home Appliance

    Glass solution for home appliances

    Comparably thick glass (3mm or 4mm tempered glass)

    Variety of shape(round,rectangular,square,irregular etc)

    Requirement for special design

    Display hidden effect

    Shinning and high reflection surface

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  • Access control

    Access control

    Glass solution for access control

    Comparably thin glass(1.1mm to 3mm)

    Scratch resistant

    Reflection control

    High clarity

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