Custom acid etched glass,frosted glass,sandblasting glass

Sandblasting glass,acid etched glass solution for lighting


Custom size and shape

Semi-opaque property

Physical sandblasting and chemically acid etched available

Light control

Scratch resistant

Weather proof

visual privacy

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8mm tempered acid etched glass with drilling hole

4mm clear sandblasting tempered glass

5mm white printed frosted glass

6mm frosted ceramic frit silkscreen step glass


Acid Etching

It refers to immersing glass in a prepared acidic liquid (or coating an acid-containing paste) and etching the glass surface with strong acid. At the same time, the ammonia hydrogen fluoride in the strong acid solution crystallizes the glass surface, creating a hazy effect through crystal-forming scattering. The matte surface is smooth and even,can be etched single side and double side,the design is comparable simple.


This process is very common. It hits the surface of the glass with sand particles shot at a high speed by spraying machine, so that the glass forms a fine concave and convex surface, so as to achieve the effect of scattering light, making the light appear hazy when it passes through. The surface of the sandblasted glass product is relatively rough, the processing is comparably easier than acid etching,but it can be spray into different pattern and shape.

Ceramic Frit Silkscreened

One kind of silk screen technology,effect similar as sandblasting,what makes it different is its using silkscreen method to put on rough ceramic ink on the glass substrate before tempered to get the frosted finish effect instead of high pressure spraying,and it is more flexible in frosted color,shape and size.

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