Recessed glass,step milling glass for lighting and decoration

Recessed step glass for screen protection and lighting


Custom size and shape

High clarity

CNC machined

Smooth step and edge finish

Impact resistant

Scratch resistant

High environmental and temperature stability

Product Detail

Product Tags

Products Pics

Processing Capability

Processing capability  

Glass thickness

glass size


Edge grinding

   glass     cutting


water jet cutting for cutouts

glass drilling

IK level


10*10mm -600*600mm



satin    finished edge

laser cutting

water jet cutting

CNC/polished machine




Frosted recessed glass

Immersing glass in a prepared acidic liquid (or coating an acid-containing paste) and etching the glass surface with strong acid, we can get matte surface finished,then cut the glass to get roughly step shape around the edge by water jet cutting in customized deepth and width,finally put the glass on CNC machine to trim and grind the step edge,then we can get the frosted recessed glass.

Ceramic printing recessed glass

With ceramic printing in various color options and pattern,give recessed glass unique look,scratch resistant and heat resistant performance protect ink layer of glass from anti-aging and peeling choice for outdoor.

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