How to choose right AG glass for your touchscreens display?

AG spraying coating glass

AG spray coating glass is a physical process that uniformly coats submicron silica and other particles on the glass surface in a clean environment. After heating and curing, a particle layer is formed on the glass surface, which diffusely reflects light to achieve anti-glare effect, this method does not damage the glass surface layer, and the thickness of the glass increases after processing

Thickness available: 0.55mm-8mm.

Advantage: yield rate is high,competitive cost.

Disadvantage: comparably inferior durability and weather resistance.

Application:touchscreens and display for indoor like interactive whiteboards.

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AG etching glass

AG etching glass is to use a chemical reaction method to change the glass surface from a smooth surface to a micron particle surface to achieve anti-glare effect. The process principle is relatively complex, which is the result of the combined action of ionization equilibrium, chemical reaction, dissolution and re-crystallization, ion replacement and other reactions. As the chemicals will etch the glass surface,so the thickness decreases after finish

Thickness available:0.55-6mm

Advantage:superior adhesion and durability, High environmental and temperature stability

Disadvantage:comparably lower yield rate,cost is high

Application:touch panel and display for both outdoor and

indoor.automotive touch screen,marine display,industrial display etc

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Base on those,for outdoor use,AG etching is best choice,for indoor use,both of them are good,but if with limited budget,then AG spraying coating glass goes first